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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 19, 2017 1:37am-2:06am EST

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hthey know aboutn famifamily tradition.73. my favorite family tradition? exchanging gifts. it allows me to showcase my tremendous range as an actor. what could this be? you shouldn't have! i love it! i actually brought these myself. ♪ there's more behind the star. ♪ tonight -- >> mat lauer's accuser speaks out. >> he did it effortlessly. for sure there have to be other women. >> his ex"tote" show co-worker's interview. plus, replacing kevin spacey in all the money in the world. how the cast found out. >> the day that it happened i was talking to you. >> and
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just ten days. >> nothing. i find it quite extraordinary. are the obamas getting a royal wedding invitation. >> you're going goen that get -- i don't want to see that face. >> will and kate release the christmas card with the kids. details on justin and selena's row maptic get away. and the star couple who just had twins. we kick off the new series, "when we first met." with a fearless 5-year-old miley cyrus. >> i'm not afraid of nothing. this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. >> let's get right to the latest news. matt lauer accuser azzie zinone is coming out today. >> she's saying this was consensual. but it was an abuse of power. >> reporter: she alleged the now fired host abused his
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2000. she said they engaged in a one-month long affair. >> i expected blowback. i understand that people are going to paint me as a home wrerk. as a slut and a whore. those are things i have been called. >> reporter: the now 41-year-old explains what was going through her mind when she says he lured her. >> he said meet me. i said, meet you where? he said, dressing room. in that moment, i didn't have anybody to sort of share my fears and confusion with except for him. felt confused. felt shame. um -- i was -- it was just all-consuming. >> reporter: in a statement to "e.t." she explains her decision was made in parkt to go public because she feared being outed. the media was coming for me. instead of allowing someone else to write my narrative, i decided to stop protecting him, blaming myself, and allowing fear to hold me hostage. >> i have
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of dollars for my party. i want know story about that. >> reporter: she claims she was a approached by the national enquirer. >> this gentleman came up to me. a man. he said, i want to ask you some questions about matt lauer. >> when you told matt about that, what did he say? >> who did you tell? why did you tell somebody? i said, i have to tell somebody. what do you want me to do with this? it's not like he's helping. he the. >> reporter: neither lauer or nbc have commented on her allegations. there's news on the hollywood romance front. here's the latest couples news. ♪ baby i like it >> congrats to enrique iglesias and anna kournikova. she was secretly pregnant and gave births to the babies on saturday. the babies are nicholas and lucy. they posted these happy pics two
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mo hint of the the baby news. this couple of 16 years has some serious chemistry. remember the hot makeout seens in his escape music video? ♪ you can't escape my love next up, justin and selena. ♪ tell me you love me >> reporter: where did they go? the sugar factory at the mall. the pair held hands as they enjoyed a virgin drink. they stayed understand noticed until this song came on. ♪ i'm a sexy mama >> justin started dancing. fans started taking pics. semolina appeared upset at the attention, excused herself to the bathroom. and then left. ♪ call ahead >> reporter: the next day, the couple were back in l.a. justin went from the airport to the hockey rink. he fell on the ice and started doing pushups before getting back up. >> justin how was the trip to seattle? >> merry
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we like your car. >> reporter: he decked out his $120,000 mercedes. is there they were like, j.b., you ain't in the christmas spirit, dog. i was like, oh, really? oh, really, dawg? >> did you see the pda. after the good-bye, they held handles as they skated off together. they showed up on instagram all smiles. now to royal couples news. here's will ym and kate's new christmas card. the cambridge clan looks perfect in this shot. all wearing shades of blue. george is clutching his father's finger. the photo taken earlier this year. pregnant kate is not showing any baby bump. and news on princess charlotte. she'll attend wilcox nursery school in january. they're
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education. and prince harry sits down with president barack obama. >> i'll interview ewe, if you want. >> let's keep it this way. i'd much me prer that. >> reporter: he interviewed the former president for a bbc broadcast. it was recorded in toronto. the two sat together there at basketball game. >> do i have to speak faster? i'm a slow peerk. >> no, not at all. >> okay. do i need a british accent? >> reporter: harry is a long-time friend of the obamas. could the couple be guests at on may 19th snp. >> if you start losing long pauses, you're probably going to get this look. >> the face. let me see the face. i don't want to se that face. how much would you pay to release your grandson in not $17 million? >> nothing. >> that is kevin spacey in "all the money in the world." it was a done
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the movie was ready to be printed. once sexual assault allegations against spacey surfaced, it was announced christopher plummer was in and spacey was out. i was with the all--star cast. they said the move was the right decision. when did you have to find out you had to reshoot some of the scenes? >> think the day that it happened, i was talking to you. will and i were doing the youjut for daddy's home. i go back to the hotel. the director is at the dining room table. >> ridley scott said recasting spacey was critical to saving the movie. first, he had to sign on christopher flplummer. >> once i got his agreement, it was a matter of efficiency. >> great crew. great team. >> 36 hours, i knew what i was going to do. >> reporter: the director shot the new scenes in ten days at a cost of $10 million.
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golden globe nominations for ridley scott, michelle williams, who lays the abducted grandson's mother, and christopher plummer. what does it mean to be nominated for the movie already? >> i'm thrilled. it's wild. >> reporter: mark wahlberg was the world's highest paid actor. he's packing on the muscle for his next role. can we talk about shirtless instagram post. i'm going to be honest. it's bad for dudes like me. you understand that? >> well, listen, bro. start working out. you have to get on the program. if you don't get on the program, the program is going the get on you. okay? it's a lot easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape. we're not getting any younger. >> that's true. "all the money in the world" opens christmas day. right now, taylor swift is breaking records. ♪ i don't want to ♪ i just want to be >> reporter: the track she
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jingle ball has broken into the top 40 chart. she has the fifth most top 40 hits ever. ♪ forgiveness is a nice thing to do ♪ >> reporter: we have teamed up with directv now to bring you a look at another big hit off her reputation. ♪ big >> reporter: as part of tomorrow's final episode of "making of a song" on directv now. you can stream live tv shows and movies anytime, anywhere in the u.s. ♪ happy birthday dear taylor >> reporter: she turned 28 last week. how is this as a present for you. new customers who prepay for four months of directv now can qualify for an apple tv forte. enter to win one at "e.t." online. >> happiness, forever. >> hopefully, a year of just peace. with her and her boyfriend. up next, dad
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stamos, back in the e.r. his reunion with the cast. plus, did the bachelor just let a big secret slip. >> things really played out wonderfully for me. >> wonderfully sounds like you're engaged. >> what arie just revealed to "e.t." and miley before liam. >> i have never been one to fall in love with actors. >> our flash back with her past boyfriends and her
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diane kruger talked to "e.t." about the thriller in the fade, which just received a
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♪ is there a doctor in the house? a whole bunch,
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john stamos reunited at his home with some of his "e.r." buddies. that's the door from the series. he's going to be a dad in 2018 because his fiance is pregnant. is a wedding in the works for the new "bachelor "? it's 14 days away. >> "e.t." online's lauren zima wept straight to the source. >> he is such a catch. >> i was so nervous. i hadn't been on tv for so long. so i was probably as nervous as they were. >> reporter: it's been five years since we saw arie as emily m maynard's runner up. >> the first couple of days are very hard. in the beginning, it's tacks on your time. you don't get much sleep. >> reporter: as for the 9 women, they range in age from 22 years old to 33. >> i think she's reluck tapt to tell arie how old she is.
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>> i know. >> reporter: unlike past seasons, we have seen contestants with job titles like aspiring dolphin tranler, most of arie's ladies are career women. foufr them work in real estate. did he find love? >> i think things played out wonderfully. >> sounds like you're engaged? . >> reporter: last season, rachel said she was engage bfrd the show premiered. the race car driver is staying mum. he says i love you for two women. >> i had strong feelings for more than one person. it was difficult at the end. it was dramatic. >> if you can't wait for the drama, "the bachelor" premiers on january 1st. >> i have already signed up for the fantasy league. this year, think i'm going to win. this is miley. say hi, "e.t." pchlt. >> no! >> what you never knew about the popst
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>> i was ready to keep it. just miley. and angelina out with her kids. what they did this weekend that is just like the rest of us. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ wanna be free, yeah, to feel the way i feel and man i feel like a woman ♪ that is just one of the many reasons i'm team miley on "the voice." she's got the new show. the new album. her engagement to liam hemsworth and her response to the pregnancy rumors after this pic is one of my favorites. not
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just eating a ton of tofurkey. where did she get that attitude? you'll see. >> this is miley. destiny hope. my little girl. we call her miley. ♪ i feel >> reporter: when we first met miley, she was 3 and kind of shy. but just two years later. >> say hi "e.t." >> no! ♪ i'm not afraid of nothing. >> reporter: the sassy 5-year-old was running around her family's 500-acre farm. honking horns and being a daddy's girl. >> whoo! let's go show them how you ride your bike. >> reporter: now that miley just released her 13th album, younger now, the former "hannah montana" star is reportedly $360 million richer, thank you to album sales and
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and back with former fiance liam hemsworth. >> we're superhappy. more than anything, we -- he is my best friend. ♪ it's the climb >> reporter: but, what are some of the things you didn't know about the girl who was actually born destiny hope cyrus. >> miley because you were smiley and they dropped the "s"? >> yes, dropped the "s." i wasn't ready for my parents to be yeeling smiley miley out the window. ♪ seven things i hate about you ♪ seven things i want to do. swim this the red sea. fly a helicopter. i want a yacht. i want to see the great wall of china. go to australia and see the toilet flush the opposite way. i want to write a book. i want to meet chris mart frn cold play ♪ you made me laugh you made me cry ♪ i'm obsessed with twitter. i like it. you can clear stuff up. it's like a rumor patrol, at
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i have this think called tachycardia. your body can't keep up with what your heart is doing. you can't keep up with it. everyone is already like, miley is sick? miley, your career? no. the more people doubt me, the more intense i am and competitive i get. i really like proving people wrong. >> somewhat the craziest rumor? >> i'm either dead or pregnant. i'm here. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: um, yeah, that happened. all naked riding on a wrecking ball. let's rewind to 2003, the beginning of it all. ♪ you know that it's the best of both worlds ♪ >> reporter: an 11-year-old miley auditioned to be the bff in hannah montana but got the lead role instead. >> what you see is what you get with me. >> reporter: in 2007, miley starts miley mania, a beatles-like frenzy. parents were paying up to 3 grand for
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in the mail? >> a lot. >> i was kidding. >> a lot. a lot. >> reporter: she revealed a big change. >> like you were legally changed your name? >> yeah. >> to what? >> miley. >> your birth certificate. >> do you have a middle name? >> ray. like my dad. ♪ can't be changed >> reporter: miley's dated tiler posey, nick jonas, and pat rry schwarzenegger. check out this confession. >> i have never been really one to fall in love with actors. you never know what they're going to be like in real life. it's only a character. i don't want to fall in love with a character. they're not real. >> reporter: three months later, miley let meme. they fell in love on the set of "the last song." >> don't owe dare mick this about me. you and i both know this is not my fault. once i
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denying if there's chemistry with someone. there's chemistry with something. it's nice to have someone who fights back and is fun and on it. pokes fun at me as i poke fun of him. it's good. >> would you tell us one thing that we wouldn't know about miley? >> oh, lord. >> i always say she eats a lot of sushi. i think everyone nose thknows t. ♪ i love you more >> reporter: may 201,2-year-old liam popped the the question to 19-year-old miley with a 3.5 3.5-karat diamond ring. a few months later sherks chopped her hair and went platinum blond. >> i can neefr see myself are long, long hair again. why didn't someone take those extensions out of hi head and tell me they're not cute and we're not early 2000 anymore. that's not the look. the long, long, long. i wish someone would have told me i was sck
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♪ i won't stop >> reporter: september 2013 was the breakup. reports say her run a which i vma performance was to blame. as for dad, billy ray -- >> i said, hey, i'm proud of you because -- you knew you had to reinvent. coming out of this mammoth monster known as hannah montana. >> reporter: since then, miley and liam got back together. she stopped drinking and smoking. we still see the same fiery spirit we saw when we first met miley. >> i'm not afraid of nothing. >> she had to go through some things. like we all do. >> vice president we all. >> we didn't have to do it in front of the world. before the reputation and the bad blood, she was a fearless country girl with a dream. we throwback to when we first met taylor swift. >> what she said back then about katy perry is epic. we'll be right back.
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ends" back in 1998. >> she just crushed it. >> i am closing my door now. promo considerations provided by -- tomorrow -- a first look at "oceans 8."
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>> sandra bullock. rihanna. cate blanchett. >> how did anne hathaway embarrass herself in front of riri? >> that happened a couple of times. >> we have run out of time tonight. one more thing to check out before we go. >> bye, everybody. >> what did angelina do with her kid this is weekend? the same thing millions of parents did. she took knox, shiloh, vivienne to see the new "star wars" movie. >> light the fire. >> the jolie-pitts helped the last jeddy make $220 million. the second largest opening only behind star wars the force awakens. it has made $450 million worldw
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canceled 390 flights today. the airport says it is running at 100% efficiency. that doesn't mean all the problems have been solved. there is a sea of bags still need to be, reunited. with its fliers. anthony. >> all right, chris, it's jeff. i will take it. look at that picture. >> sorry, jeff. >> no worries. thank you, kris, appreciate it. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.


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